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What can we offer you?


Our company seeks to attain maximum customer satisfaction by meeting our client´s needs and expectations day by day through our advancements in research, cutting-edge technology and minimal environmental impact, as well as the use of eco-friendly inputs.

Continuous line production flavouring solutions .

The flavouring system enables the use of both powder and liquid based flavourings.

The permanent synchronised weighing technologies combined with state-of-the-art product quality detection systems ensure precise product formulations.


Equality Plan

Our commitment to our employees drives us to continually improve working conditions, with the inclusion of all our workers irrespective of gender and physical ability. To this end, we are reducing the weight of our packages by 40% in order to help handling and improve accessibility for all.


R&D Laboratory

Our R&D laboratory, equipped with the infrastructure required to ensure all our flavourings match customer criteria, acts as the hub of knowledge when developing or revamping a product.

We also have a facility equipped with automated industrial frying technology for performing tests of different oils and corns, to help us determine the best and highest quality product.


Caring for the environment

Our responsibility for the environment drives us to explore new materials to help reduce CO2 emissions and plastics from our packaging. Thanks to the new compounds and the investment we have made in materials engineering we have managed to reduce plastic film consumption by 50% and the plastic used in our primary packaging by 35%.


LEAN System

Implemented in specific critical areas.


Community commitment

Barberá Snacks takes part in a number of associations and contributes funds to address social and community issues of note.